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7 Protein Rich Products

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Proteins are a must when it comes to building muscles as when we lift weight some of our muscle fibers get damaged and to repair them we all as humans require protein, for being muscles not only protein is required but also require some amino acids 

  1. The number one product in the list of the best muscle building products is FISH, for instance, salmon, salmon is popularly known as the powerhouse of protein as it alone contains about twenty-five grams of protein per hundred grams, somebody who wishes to build muscles must eat salmon as it is not only rich in protein but in other important nutrients too, for instance, vitamin D, omega-3, and monounsaturated fats.
  2. Hello to the chicken lover there are some people out there in the world who do not prefer fish but love chicken,itsa good news for all of them, hundred grams of white meat equals to thirty-one grams of protein other than protein it contains 04 grams of fat as well. 
  3. Some of us really wish to gain muscles but we are just way too lazy to cook all the time for the moments where you do not wish to cook or put a lot of efforts you can eat eggs, each egg easily provides about five to six grams of protein, you can boil eggs or have them raw.
  4. Vegetarians too have the right to gain muscles, isn’t it? if you’re a vegetarian it feels as if there is nothing that you can eat to gain muscles but then there are things which you can eat you just need the right eye to see it, here m talking about soy, in the market soya milk is available, tofu is available other than these just one cup of soybean (of course cooked) contain about twenty grams of proteins.
  5. Red meat is the answer to all your questions, a hundred grams of ground beef equals to twenty-seven grams of protein and it eventuality eleven grams of fat and around two hundred calories other than all of this beef offers us iron, zinc, and vitamin B12. 
  6. Milk in its purest form provides about twenty grams of protein per hundred grams, it contains all the important amino acids and you can even mix it with whey protein, as adults, we forget the importance of milk, adults require milk as much as children require it.
  7. Hello to the vegetarians again this time I’m talking about the almonds, one-fourth of a cup of almonds equals to about eight grams of protein and hey it’s more than what a boiled egg has to offer, yes right now the vegans can smile, almonds not only offer a good amount of protein but also offer magnesium and monounsaturated fats.
  8. A hundred grams of oysters contains about twenty grams of protein and just 05-grams fat, Pacific oysters are more like weight-lifters, it is full of zinc and magnesium. 

Our list of the top products ends here. 

Cannoli Pancakes

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Ever heard about cannoli pancakes? cannoli pancakes are just usual pancakes with a special filling and other than the special filling they have a lightly  extra sweet 

For making these special pancakes you would require some ingredients so the list of ingredients that you would require is just mentioned below 


  • Heavy cream (half a cup) 
  • Ricotta (At least one pound) 
  • Sugar ( half a cup and in powdered form) 
  • Extract of almonds (About two small spoons) 
  • chocolate chips (One full cup) 


  • One cup filling, though you will be making more than just one cup do not worry you can eat the filling like that too all you will need is a spoon 
  • The yolk of two medium-sized eggs 
  • Sour cream (Two big spoons) 
  • Flour (One-third of a cup) 
  • Baking powder (half a big spoon) 
  • Salt (just a pinch) 
  • Baking soda (just a pinch) 
  • Whole milk (half a cup) 
  • Egg whites, of two medium-sized eggs 



Take a bowl and add cream to it after adding the cream whip it and then wear gloves and add ricotta and then fold it, fold until the texture turns creamy enough after ricotta add extract of almond, powdered sugar, and chocolate, once done with adding use your hands to fold of these. 


  1. Take a large-sized bowl and in that bowl add yolks of two medium-sized eggs, the sour cream and the filling you just made, once done with adding all the ingredients to the bowl, start whisking.
  2. Take another large-sized bowl and in that bowl add flour, a pinch of salt, a pinch of baking soda and baking powder, once done with adding all the ingredients whisk all of the ingredients together
  3. Now mix the wet and dry ingredients together, transfer both the mixtures in one bowl and then whisk, simple
  4. After whisking pour milk (half a cup), after pouring milk, whisk.
  5. Take a metal bowl and add eggs whites of two eggs to the bowl and then use a hand blender and blend them.
  6. Time to fold the blended whites of two eggs into the pancake batter, make sure that you’re not overmixing everything
  7. Take a griddle and place it on your stove, heat it and then add batter (do not add too much of batter just a very small amount is more than enough), cook both the side for at least 3 minutes ( three minutes each side), make sure that you do not burn your pancakes as these pancakes do not form bubbles but like the usual pancakes these do get dry at their edges.
  8. This is the last step, now you are required to add a bit of filling on the top of your ready pancakes and a little bit of sugar ( the filling dolloping part is not compulsory but I liked the pancakes better with the extra filling on the top. 

This is all with the recipe, do not forget to leave us some comments below in the comment section 


Nine Steps To World Best Cheese

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Within nine steps you can make the world’s best cheese, all you required for making the world’s best cheese is just thirty minutes and about four ingredients.

Ingredients required 

  • Milk ( I would suggest you use whole milk) 
  • Rennet (do not worry about from where you can buy this ingredient this particular ingredient is easily available only) 
  • salt 
  • citric acid 


  1. Take a bowl and add one cup full of water to it after adding water add one and a half teaspoon of citric acid, take another bowl fill it with one-fourth of a cup of water and add rennet (one-fourth of a teaspoon).
  2. Take Pot (it must be large and heavy as well), fill the pot with one gallon of milk and pour the citric mixture in the pot, once done with pouring place the pot on your stove, turn your stove on and then heat it until it reaches ninety degrees, use a thermometer, once it reaches the right temperature turn the stove off and add the liquid rennet mixture and stir for half a minutes, after stirring cover the mixture and keep it aside for about five minutes
  3. After five minutes the mixture would turn into a totally different texture (something like gelatin) if the texture still seems to be in a liquid form then leave the mixture for another five minutes, once the mixture is properly set, take a spatula and cut the curd, make sure that the spatula is long enough as it needs to reach all the way to the bottom, the cuts that you are going make need to be both horizontal and vertical.
  4. Time to place the pot again on the stove,its time we cook the curd, set the leave of heat at medium and every now and then stir the curd while cooking it, use a thermometer you need to keep cooking it until it reaches the one hundred and five degrees, once it reaches the right temperature turn off the stove, keep the pot aside for about five to six minutes and between those six minutes do not forget to stir occasionally. 
  5. Now the curd needs to be separated from the way, use a sieve to separate both of them, dip the sieve in the pot, try draining as much of whey as possible.
  6. Take another pot fill it with water, use thermometer and once it reaches one hundred and eighty-five degrees turn the heat off, now put the curd which you just separated from the way into a strainer and then put that strainer in the water you just heated, now wear your gloves and fold the curd.
  7. Time to add salt, add salt and then fold it using your hands, stretch it until the texture becomes smooth.
  8. Time to give the desired shape to your cheese all you need to do is pull its edges, you can make a whole ball or multiple small ones. For making sure that it stays in the same shape put it in a bowl full of ice cold water for at least four to five minutes
  9. Congratulations you have reached the last step now all you need to do is use the cheese that you have made on your own