Month: January 2015

Right Course To Choose The Right Colour

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We all love renovating our house but then we get stuck when it comes to choosing the right colors, of course choosing the color is a little difficult so what you can do is decide which vibe you want and the rest you can leave on this article 


Deep Cognac and Teal

These two colors are known for giving a sophisticated look to the room, these two work amazingly when together, it’s a wonderful pair and you can simply pair teal with mustard ( the one which has a soft tone) or with saddle brown, you can add in whites, grays and brown and the result would be something amazing as all of these neutral tones complement each other and not compete with each other. 

Chartreuse, Orange, and Brown

These three colors are like a group of three best friends, brown works as an ideal backdrop for orange and chartreuse, people don’t like steeping in orange but they do identify themselves with it as it is a color of individuality and when it comes to chartreuse is very much underrated, by the way just like Andrew I too would suggest you maintain a distance from pastel orange as its a little too wimpy. 

Mint and Emerald

You can simply pair green with any other color easily as it is versatile in nature, the green color is known for creating interest no matter in  which room you’re using it, if you are planning to pair mint and emerald then let me tell you its a nice choice as this pair is going to bring freshness and brightness to the room, if you are wishing for a masculine vibe then go with the pair of deep green and brown. 

Taupe, Dusty purple and cream

If you wish to have a soothing and monochromatic look then you must go for this trio  

Wood, Navy blue, and white 

Another trio for you, this trio forms an ideal color palette, the contrast in between white and navy blue is the best one can ask for, this trio does not overshadow the items this trio allows them to make their own identity and sine, in this trio you can add any other color of your choice as well and this trio still won’t overshadow them, if you wish to give your room a bright, fresh and clean look then add a metallic color. 

Green and yellow

Green and yellow is a pair from the 70’s and that’s why it is known for its popping nature, this duo does wonders as both the colors are little derivate from each other, if you would look at the palette then you would realize that both these colors belong the same slot, with these colors you really need to have some item which has a metallic color as light colors compliment dark colors and dark colors compliment light colors, they work hand in hand, the metallic item can give the dimension it really requires, make sure that you do not forget to work on the pattern, do not worry about the pattern if you really wish to have a retro look