Month: June 2014

Nine Steps To World Best Cheese

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Within nine steps you can make the world’s best cheese, all you required for making the world’s best cheese is just thirty minutes and about four ingredients.

Ingredients required 

  • Milk ( I would suggest you use whole milk) 
  • Rennet (do not worry about from where you can buy this ingredient this particular ingredient is easily available only) 
  • salt 
  • citric acid 


  1. Take a bowl and add one cup full of water to it after adding water add one and a half teaspoon of citric acid, take another bowl fill it with one-fourth of a cup of water and add rennet (one-fourth of a teaspoon).
  2. Take Pot (it must be large and heavy as well), fill the pot with one gallon of milk and pour the citric mixture in the pot, once done with pouring place the pot on your stove, turn your stove on and then heat it until it reaches ninety degrees, use a thermometer, once it reaches the right temperature turn the stove off and add the liquid rennet mixture and stir for half a minutes, after stirring cover the mixture and keep it aside for about five minutes
  3. After five minutes the mixture would turn into a totally different texture (something like gelatin) if the texture still seems to be in a liquid form then leave the mixture for another five minutes, once the mixture is properly set, take a spatula and cut the curd, make sure that the spatula is long enough as it needs to reach all the way to the bottom, the cuts that you are going make need to be both horizontal and vertical.
  4. Time to place the pot again on the stove,its time we cook the curd, set the leave of heat at medium and every now and then stir the curd while cooking it, use a thermometer you need to keep cooking it until it reaches the one hundred and five degrees, once it reaches the right temperature turn off the stove, keep the pot aside for about five to six minutes and between those six minutes do not forget to stir occasionally. 
  5. Now the curd needs to be separated from the way, use a sieve to separate both of them, dip the sieve in the pot, try draining as much of whey as possible.
  6. Take another pot fill it with water, use thermometer and once it reaches one hundred and eighty-five degrees turn the heat off, now put the curd which you just separated from the way into a strainer and then put that strainer in the water you just heated, now wear your gloves and fold the curd.
  7. Time to add salt, add salt and then fold it using your hands, stretch it until the texture becomes smooth.
  8. Time to give the desired shape to your cheese all you need to do is pull its edges, you can make a whole ball or multiple small ones. For making sure that it stays in the same shape put it in a bowl full of ice cold water for at least four to five minutes
  9. Congratulations you have reached the last step now all you need to do is use the cheese that you have made on your own