Month: February 2014

More About Dogs

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Dogs are known for being our best friends and on the other hand, they are actually known for knocking their food off and for creating a mess 

  1. You must go for a station in which you can simply store food as well and when you have a nice food station it means no mess, believe it or not, most of the dogs are as clumsy as we were when we were kids, we grow up dogs do not they simply grow when comes to the body but by heart they stay as little puppies only so for your furball get a food station which comes with a chest as it would help you in hiding away all the treats and food. 
  2. If you can store the treats somewhere and do not require the station with a chest, and if you are looking for something which is actually elegant and simple then why not just build one on your own for your loved one it would cost you less than fifteen dollar, you would need a sandpaper, elbow grease (the small one), a jigsaw and some nice paint.
  3. If you have a vintage suitcase then you can simply convert it into a dream food station, how?for the countertop, you can use wood, cut out two circles and place water and food bowl in those circles, that’s all I swear on god people are going to be jealous of it and your dog would be proud of you. 
  4. We, humans, prefer class over anything then why not choose the class when it comes to the furball, all you need to do is buy a shelf (a standard one), cut it a little so that you can place the bowls in it and to make the stand use candle holders (yes m talking about the cups), paint it black or dark brown.
  5. Why not make a station out of your shelves in the kitchen, your dog is a part of your family and has all the rights that you have, for this all you would require is a jigsaw that too just for cutting the perfect circle.
  6. If you have a picnic basket that you do not use then convert it into a station and it would not even cost you two dollars, that’s how cheap it can be all you need to do is commit ten to fifteen minutes and use some of your imagination
  7. Some people prefer being simple and so do some dogs then why go over the board you can simply use a shelf which can actually fit in with the rest of the kitchen.

There is one thing common to all the suggestion, yes I think you’re thinking in the right direction I’m actually talking about the jigsaw, all you need is jigsaw as the main product with creativity in handy, Your efforts matter and in the end the goal of a food station matter. If you have some suggestion leave us a comment in the section below and do tell us if your dog like the new food station