How does an Electric Smoker works.

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In today’s fast pacing world people are caught up in a loop of constantly working and no or very little rest cycle. Most of the people in our fast-moving society get the solace and a well deserved moments of rest when they eat. People love smoked food and electric smokers are the best for people who have are busy because these electric smokers can be preset to desired temperature and time period as one wishes to smoke and while the electric smoker cooks and smokes the meat the individual can do their work without any hassle.

In order to understand how an electric smoker works one has to understand what does an electric smoker comprises of, an electric smoker usually comprises of a smoker body, a digital control pad, water, and wood chip bowl and a drip tray. Smoker body is one of the major components of the electric smoker as the heat generated by the heating element may want to escape the meat and will lead to the meat being not juicy, it is the function of the smoker body to insulate and trap the heat and smoke within the smoker.

After the smoker body comes to the digital panel, it is the brains of the electric smoker it is usually placed on the front side of the smoker, it allows the user to set the temperature, set and manage timer’s helps the user cook and smoke their meat for their desired amount of time and at the desired temperature. Also while smoking the food or meat within the electric smoker the moisture within the electric smoker diminishes rapidly due to the heat generated by the heating element this loss of moisture will lead the food and the meatless juicy and will compromise with the taste of the food here the water bowl comes into play, placing the water bowl within the smoker helps replenish the loss of moisture within the electric smoker thus not letting the food and the meat become juiceless.

Also, it is better to place hot water in the water bowl as cold water will bring down the temperature within the smoker body of the smoker thus increasing the cooking time. Drip tray is also a significant part of an electric smoker as its purpose is to collect all the juices that drips from the meat from falling onto the heating element thus preventing the temperature within the smoker from fluctuating another function of the drip tray is that if one wants to prepare a smoky gravy that tastes delicious the juices within the drip tray will be the best ingredient for it. The smoky flavor from an electric smoker is the main appeal of getting one. The wood chip bowl is the most important part of an electric smoker as it the part that develops the taste and the smoky flavor of the meat and the food that is smoked and cooked within it.

The most important part of smoking in an electric smoker is to keep on adding a bowl or two of wood chips to keep a nice and steady stream of smoke going on. Also one should not forget to season up the smoker before smoking their meats as it will help in developing and enhancing the taste of the smoked meat also one should preheat the electric smoker before putting the meat or the food inside it, it should be ensured that the electric smoker is nicely heated up and is toasty, the ideal temperature to smoke most of the meats is 225 degrees F.…

3 hot dog recipes for flat top griddle

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We all love a good old hot dog. A taste that we are way too familiar with, one that has been with us on those sunny mornings or those rainy evenings and especially those nights when the family would decide to have a barbeque dinner out in the backyard.

But now is the time to try something fresh. Sure we will continue to love the classic hotdog but to mix it up a little here and there, every now and then is essential. As they say, change is the only constant in the world.

From Hawaiian hot dogs to those made the way they do in Chicago, there is a lot to be experimented with and tried. Slight changes in dressings to add exotic or not-so-quintessential ingredients, there is a lot to play around with.

So say goodbye to the classic old hot dog (for now) and get ready for some different and pleasantly new flavors as here are some easy recipes for you to try your hand at these hot dogs made with a twist.

Recipe1: pizza hot dogs
The mixture of two favorite snacks that is sure to become a favorite with everyone in the house. A quick and easy recipe that takes 5 minutes to prep for and the actual cooking is done in 15 minutes.
Its main components are:
1. 2 hot dogs
2. 2 hot dog buns
3. Pepperoni
4. Mozzarella cheese
5. Pizza sauce
6. Salt
7. Pepper
8. Butter

1. Preheat the Camp Chef flat top griddle at medium heat.
2. Place the hot dogs on the griddle and let them stay until they are done.
3. Next, spread butter onto the buns and put them up for grilling so that they get some colour.
4. Place the mozzarella on the buns and let it melt.
5. Take them off the griddle and evenly spread the pizza sauce on the buns.
6. Now, place the grilled hot dogs on the buns.
7. Serve hot and enjoy!

Recipe 2: prosciutto presto hot dogs
We all are guilty of loving everything Italian. So give an Italian twist with great flavours to your hot dog. The prep for the dish is done in about 15 minutes and the actual cooking takes about the same time, that is 15 minutes.

Its main components are:
1. 2 hot dogs
2. 2 hot dog buns
3. 1 cup of mozzarella cheese
4. 1 cup of mayonnaise
5. Half a cup of pesto
6. 1 cup of prosciutto
7. Olive oil
8. Salt
9. Pepper

1. Preheat the flat top griddle by Camp Chef on medium heat.
2. Place the hot dogs on the grill and adjust heat to low. Add mozzarella onto them on a later stage, after some time and let it melt. Remove them after they are well cooked.
3. Next, take the prosciutto and dice it finely.
4. Pour some olive oil on the Camp Chef flat top griddle and go on the grill the meat. Drain the excess oil by dabbing with a paper towel.
5. In a small bowl mix the mayo and the pesto. Season the dressing with salt and pepper.
6. Pour some olive oil over the grill again and now grill the buns so that they get some color on them.
7. Finally, to bring it all together spread some pesto on the grilled buns. Place the hot dogs and put the prosciutto onto the buns. Top it up with some mayo and pesto sauce.
8. Serve hot and enjoy.

Recipe 3: Tex-Mex hot dogs
A hearty dish with fresh flavors. Its main components are:

1. 2 buns
2. 2 hot dogs
3. 1 Corn Cobs
4. Onions
5. Peppers
6. Cilantro


1. Preheat griddle on low heat.
2. Grill the buns and hot dogs until they are done.
3. Place the corn cob on the grill and remove when the kernels get a brown colour to them. Remove the kernels from the cob with a knife.
4. Place the hot dog on the buns and top with diced peppers, onions and cilantro. Top it up with corn kernels.
5. Enjoy!…

Right Course To Choose The Right Colour

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We all love renovating our house but then we get stuck when it comes to choosing the right colors, of course choosing the color is a little difficult so what you can do is decide which vibe you want and the rest you can leave on this article 


Deep Cognac and Teal

These two colors are known for giving a sophisticated look to the room, these two work amazingly when together, it’s a wonderful pair and you can simply pair teal with mustard ( the one which has a soft tone) or with saddle brown, you can add in whites, grays and brown and the result would be something amazing as all of these neutral tones complement each other and not compete with each other. 

Chartreuse, Orange, and Brown

These three colors are like a group of three best friends, brown works as an ideal backdrop for orange and chartreuse, people don’t like steeping in orange but they do identify themselves with it as it is a color of individuality and when it comes to chartreuse is very much underrated, by the way just like Andrew I too would suggest you maintain a distance from pastel orange as its a little too wimpy. 

Mint and Emerald

You can simply pair green with any other color easily as it is versatile in nature, the green color is known for creating interest no matter in  which room you’re using it, if you are planning to pair mint and emerald then let me tell you its a nice choice as this pair is going to bring freshness and brightness to the room, if you are wishing for a masculine vibe then go with the pair of deep green and brown. 

Taupe, Dusty purple and cream

If you wish to have a soothing and monochromatic look then you must go for this trio  

Wood, Navy blue, and white 

Another trio for you, this trio forms an ideal color palette, the contrast in between white and navy blue is the best one can ask for, this trio does not overshadow the items this trio allows them to make their own identity and sine, in this trio you can add any other color of your choice as well and this trio still won’t overshadow them, if you wish to give your room a bright, fresh and clean look then add a metallic color. 

Green and yellow

Green and yellow is a pair from the 70’s and that’s why it is known for its popping nature, this duo does wonders as both the colors are little derivate from each other, if you would look at the palette then you would realize that both these colors belong the same slot, with these colors you really need to have some item which has a metallic color as light colors compliment dark colors and dark colors compliment light colors, they work hand in hand, the metallic item can give the dimension it really requires, make sure that you do not forget to work on the pattern, do not worry about the pattern if you really wish to have a retro look 

7 Protein Rich Products

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Proteins are a must when it comes to building muscles as when we lift weight some of our muscle fibers get damaged and to repair them we all as humans require protein, for being muscles not only protein is required but also require some amino acids 

  1. The number one product in the list of the best muscle building products is FISH, for instance, salmon, salmon is popularly known as the powerhouse of protein as it alone contains about twenty-five grams of protein per hundred grams, somebody who wishes to build muscles must eat salmon as it is not only rich in protein but in other important nutrients too, for instance, vitamin D, omega-3, and monounsaturated fats.
  2. Hello to the chicken lover there are some people out there in the world who do not prefer fish but love chicken,itsa good news for all of them, hundred grams of white meat equals to thirty-one grams of protein other than protein it contains 04 grams of fat as well. 
  3. Some of us really wish to gain muscles but we are just way too lazy to cook all the time for the moments where you do not wish to cook or put a lot of efforts you can eat eggs, each egg easily provides about five to six grams of protein, you can boil eggs or have them raw.
  4. Vegetarians too have the right to gain muscles, isn’t it? if you’re a vegetarian it feels as if there is nothing that you can eat to gain muscles but then there are things which you can eat you just need the right eye to see it, here m talking about soy, in the market soya milk is available, tofu is available other than these just one cup of soybean (of course cooked) contain about twenty grams of proteins.
  5. Red meat is the answer to all your questions, a hundred grams of ground beef equals to twenty-seven grams of protein and it eventuality eleven grams of fat and around two hundred calories other than all of this beef offers us iron, zinc, and vitamin B12. 
  6. Milk in its purest form provides about twenty grams of protein per hundred grams, it contains all the important amino acids and you can even mix it with whey protein, as adults, we forget the importance of milk, adults require milk as much as children require it.
  7. Hello to the vegetarians again this time I’m talking about the almonds, one-fourth of a cup of almonds equals to about eight grams of protein and hey it’s more than what a boiled egg has to offer, yes right now the vegans can smile, almonds not only offer a good amount of protein but also offer magnesium and monounsaturated fats.
  8. A hundred grams of oysters contains about twenty grams of protein and just 05-grams fat, Pacific oysters are more like weight-lifters, it is full of zinc and magnesium. 

Our list of the top products ends here. 

Cannoli Pancakes

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Ever heard about cannoli pancakes? cannoli pancakes are just usual pancakes with a special filling and other than the special filling they have a lightly  extra sweet 

For making these special pancakes you would require some ingredients so the list of ingredients that you would require is just mentioned below 


  • Heavy cream (half a cup) 
  • Ricotta (At least one pound) 
  • Sugar ( half a cup and in powdered form) 
  • Extract of almonds (About two small spoons) 
  • chocolate chips (One full cup) 


  • One cup filling, though you will be making more than just one cup do not worry you can eat the filling like that too all you will need is a spoon 
  • The yolk of two medium-sized eggs 
  • Sour cream (Two big spoons) 
  • Flour (One-third of a cup) 
  • Baking powder (half a big spoon) 
  • Salt (just a pinch) 
  • Baking soda (just a pinch) 
  • Whole milk (half a cup) 
  • Egg whites, of two medium-sized eggs 



Take a bowl and add cream to it after adding the cream whip it and then wear gloves and add ricotta and then fold it, fold until the texture turns creamy enough after ricotta add extract of almond, powdered sugar, and chocolate, once done with adding use your hands to fold of these. 


  1. Take a large-sized bowl and in that bowl add yolks of two medium-sized eggs, the sour cream and the filling you just made, once done with adding all the ingredients to the bowl, start whisking.
  2. Take another large-sized bowl and in that bowl add flour, a pinch of salt, a pinch of baking soda and baking powder, once done with adding all the ingredients whisk all of the ingredients together
  3. Now mix the wet and dry ingredients together, transfer both the mixtures in one bowl and then whisk, simple
  4. After whisking pour milk (half a cup), after pouring milk, whisk.
  5. Take a metal bowl and add eggs whites of two eggs to the bowl and then use a hand blender and blend them.
  6. Time to fold the blended whites of two eggs into the pancake batter, make sure that you’re not overmixing everything
  7. Take a griddle and place it on your stove, heat it and then add batter (do not add too much of batter just a very small amount is more than enough), cook both the side for at least 3 minutes ( three minutes each side), make sure that you do not burn your pancakes as these pancakes do not form bubbles but like the usual pancakes these do get dry at their edges.
  8. This is the last step, now you are required to add a bit of filling on the top of your ready pancakes and a little bit of sugar ( the filling dolloping part is not compulsory but I liked the pancakes better with the extra filling on the top. 

This is all with the recipe, do not forget to leave us some comments below in the comment section 


Nine Steps To World Best Cheese

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Within nine steps you can make the world’s best cheese, all you required for making the world’s best cheese is just thirty minutes and about four ingredients.

Ingredients required 

  • Milk ( I would suggest you use whole milk) 
  • Rennet (do not worry about from where you can buy this ingredient this particular ingredient is easily available only) 
  • salt 
  • citric acid 


  1. Take a bowl and add one cup full of water to it after adding water add one and a half teaspoon of citric acid, take another bowl fill it with one-fourth of a cup of water and add rennet (one-fourth of a teaspoon).
  2. Take Pot (it must be large and heavy as well), fill the pot with one gallon of milk and pour the citric mixture in the pot, once done with pouring place the pot on your stove, turn your stove on and then heat it until it reaches ninety degrees, use a thermometer, once it reaches the right temperature turn the stove off and add the liquid rennet mixture and stir for half a minutes, after stirring cover the mixture and keep it aside for about five minutes
  3. After five minutes the mixture would turn into a totally different texture (something like gelatin) if the texture still seems to be in a liquid form then leave the mixture for another five minutes, once the mixture is properly set, take a spatula and cut the curd, make sure that the spatula is long enough as it needs to reach all the way to the bottom, the cuts that you are going make need to be both horizontal and vertical.
  4. Time to place the pot again on the stove,its time we cook the curd, set the leave of heat at medium and every now and then stir the curd while cooking it, use a thermometer you need to keep cooking it until it reaches the one hundred and five degrees, once it reaches the right temperature turn off the stove, keep the pot aside for about five to six minutes and between those six minutes do not forget to stir occasionally. 
  5. Now the curd needs to be separated from the way, use a sieve to separate both of them, dip the sieve in the pot, try draining as much of whey as possible.
  6. Take another pot fill it with water, use thermometer and once it reaches one hundred and eighty-five degrees turn the heat off, now put the curd which you just separated from the way into a strainer and then put that strainer in the water you just heated, now wear your gloves and fold the curd.
  7. Time to add salt, add salt and then fold it using your hands, stretch it until the texture becomes smooth.
  8. Time to give the desired shape to your cheese all you need to do is pull its edges, you can make a whole ball or multiple small ones. For making sure that it stays in the same shape put it in a bowl full of ice cold water for at least four to five minutes
  9. Congratulations you have reached the last step now all you need to do is use the cheese that you have made on your own

More About Dogs

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Dogs are known for being our best friends and on the other hand, they are actually known for knocking their food off and for creating a mess 

  1. You must go for a station in which you can simply store food as well and when you have a nice food station it means no mess, believe it or not, most of the dogs are as clumsy as we were when we were kids, we grow up dogs do not they simply grow when comes to the body but by heart they stay as little puppies only so for your furball get a food station which comes with a chest as it would help you in hiding away all the treats and food. 
  2. If you can store the treats somewhere and do not require the station with a chest, and if you are looking for something which is actually elegant and simple then why not just build one on your own for your loved one it would cost you less than fifteen dollar, you would need a sandpaper, elbow grease (the small one), a jigsaw and some nice paint.
  3. If you have a vintage suitcase then you can simply convert it into a dream food station, how?for the countertop, you can use wood, cut out two circles and place water and food bowl in those circles, that’s all I swear on god people are going to be jealous of it and your dog would be proud of you. 
  4. We, humans, prefer class over anything then why not choose the class when it comes to the furball, all you need to do is buy a shelf (a standard one), cut it a little so that you can place the bowls in it and to make the stand use candle holders (yes m talking about the cups), paint it black or dark brown.
  5. Why not make a station out of your shelves in the kitchen, your dog is a part of your family and has all the rights that you have, for this all you would require is a jigsaw that too just for cutting the perfect circle.
  6. If you have a picnic basket that you do not use then convert it into a station and it would not even cost you two dollars, that’s how cheap it can be all you need to do is commit ten to fifteen minutes and use some of your imagination
  7. Some people prefer being simple and so do some dogs then why go over the board you can simply use a shelf which can actually fit in with the rest of the kitchen.

There is one thing common to all the suggestion, yes I think you’re thinking in the right direction I’m actually talking about the jigsaw, all you need is jigsaw as the main product with creativity in handy, Your efforts matter and in the end the goal of a food station matter. If you have some suggestion leave us a comment in the section below and do tell us if your dog like the new food station